Shoko Nakagawa Anime Songs Cover Album

news - 02.10.2010 23:40
source: OHP
Pop icon Shoko Nakagawa, often referred as Shokotan by fans, has planned the release of a new album with covers of anime songs for March 10th.

Shokotan ☆ Cover 3 ~anime song wa jinrui wo tsunagu~, as the album is called, is her third CD with anime songs covers and sucessor of the one released in September 2007. It will feature twelve songs, with covers of famous themes of many popular animes, such as "Dragon Ball Z", "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and "Macross FRONTIER".

Both CD and CD+DVD editions of the album will be available to purchase. The CD+DVD version will have eight additional songs in the main CD, all recorded in short versions to match with how the animes use the songs in the episodes. As for the DVD, it will feature the music video of Yuzurenai negai, which was originally sung by Naomi Tamura and used as the theme of the famous anime "Magic Knight Rayearth".
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