Fukuyama Masaharu's Latest DVDs

news - 02.25.2010 14:00
Fukuyama Masaharu, a well-known singer/songwriter, actor and radio personality within Japan is to release his latest DVDs FUKUYAMA MASAHARU 20th ANNIVERSARY WE'RE BROS. TOUR 2009 Michishirube and Fukuyama☆Natsu no Daisogyosai Inasayama on April 28th.

FUKUYAMA MASAHARU 20th ANNIVERSARY WE'RE BROS. TOUR 2009 Michishirube will feature footage from his performance at the Saitama Super Arena on July 7th 2009. The regular edition is expected to feature mainly concert footage whilst the second while include encore material and previously unreleased concert performances. The limited edition will also feature the same content, but will also come with a third disc which will include behind-the-scenes footage and will also include a photo booklet featuring live photographs.

The second release, Fukuyama☆Natsu no Daisogyosai Inasayama will include footage from his concert at Inasayama, Nagasaki which was recorded during the summer of 2009. The regular edition of this DVD will feature two discs which will both include concert footage and documentary, whilst the limited version will also have a third disc featuring his performance in Inasayama which took place back in 2000.
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