UnsraW's New Members

news - 02.28.2010 07:51
UnsraW, who recently embarked on a European tour, announced last month that the guitarist Rai is to leave the band on February 27th.

However, right after his departure, the band made another announcement - they will resume activities without going on a pause, with two new members having joining the band on February 28th.

The new guitarist is called Madoka, and the bassist is Jin(ex-Black:List support, ex-Since1889 support, ex-feathers-blue and many more), who has been been doing their support for several months and is now joining as an official member.

The band has also announced their next one-man TRACE OF GUILT, which will take place on April 19th in Takadanobaba AREA, so it seems that the band is not slowing down and that fans can look forward to their further activities without having to wait.
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UnsraW 04/19

Tokyo - Japan
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