Live Stream of [ABSTINENCE’S DOOR #005, #006]

news - 09.15.2010 10:01
source: SYNC MUSIC JAPAN Press Release
Rock band D'ERLANGER will present the live music event [ABSTINENCE’S DOOR #005, #006] on September 19th and 20th, which will be broadcast live via USTREAM.

The very beginning of [ABSTINENCE'S DOOR] goes back to 2007, when D'ERLANGER announced their reunion. They held [ABSTINENCE'S DOOR #001] at Shinkiba STUDIO COAST in Tokyo with a lineup of top J-rock bands such as MUCC and MERRY.

The line-up for [ABSTINENCE’S DOOR #005, #006] will feature acid android, defspiral, girugamesh, HEAD PHONES PRESIDENT and Korean band PIA.

In order to help spread Japanese music overseas, this event will be available to stream live via USTREAM and can be found on SYNC MUSIC JAPAN, USTREAM on MySpace and NEXUS-TV. The stream will be available on Sunday September 19th from 17:30pm (Tokyo), 9:00 am (London), 4:00 am (New York) and 1:00 am (Los Angeles) and on Monday September 20th from 16:30pm (Tokyo), 9:00 am (London) 3:00 am (New York) and 0:00 am (Los Angeles).
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