LUNA SEA's Free Concert, New Album and More

news - 12.01.2010 08:23
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The legendary band LUNA SEA recently returned after a decade of silence with their 20th ANNIVERSARY WORLD TOUR REBOOT -to the New Moon-. The "LUNACY" will continue with an unprecedented free Tokyo Dome concert limited to 50,000 fans on December 25th. The dress code for the concert is all-black, following a trend started by LUNA SEA during their indies days performing at Machida playhouses.

Applications for the concert are open worldwide from December 1st-9th, with results to be announced on the 15th. Application is limited to one entry per person and you can apply at eplus (so long as the server does not crash due to overcapacity).

But wait, there's more! On March 16th, LUNA SEA will release a self-cover of their first indies album, LUNA SEA. It will be available in three different editions: the regular CD-only edition, the limited edition featuring a documentary DVD, and the first limited edition premium box, which will include a reproduction of their 1989 demo tape, Shade, originally limited to 1,000 copies.

There's still more! Their Los Angeles show on December 4th 2010 will be transformed into a Digital 3D theatrical release in 2011.

If this sudden influx of news isn't enough, the band will also be opening a blog for a limited period on the Japanese blogging site Ameblo, which can be found here.
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LUNA SEA 12/25

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LUNA SEA 20th Anniversary World Tour REBOOT


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