Charlotte to Go on "Eternal Hiatus"

news - 07.05.2011 06:49
Visual band Charlotte have announced their immediate disbandment via their official blogs following vocalist Kazuno's passing in April.

While Touya, Mitsujou, Ruka and Takane have addressed the matter in their own personal blogs, the following details come from bassist Ruka's blog:

"Charlotte's future activities were uncertain, but following discussion amongst all of the band members, it has been decided that the best course of action would be an "eternal hiatus". We would like to apologise for the one-sided announcement. However, Charlotte began as a five-member band with Kazuno, Touya, Mitsujou, Ruka and Takane, and is only complete with all five of us.

When Charlotte began activities it was agreed that should something happen to one member, then the band's dissolution would be the only option. Even if someone else were to join the band, it would no longer be Charlotte. Whilst the words "stop activities" may be used, for the band it is our will to leave behind an "eternal" Charlotte".

Ruka concludes that each member will now take their own path and asks for fans to continue to support them regardless of whether they begin activities afresh in a new band or not. Finally, Ruka asks that "everyone holds a special place for Charlotte in their hearts".
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