Counteraction V-Rock Anime Cover Album

news - 03.26.2012 07:51
An album of V-rock anime cover songs is set for release on May 23rd.

Titled Counteraction -V-Rock covered Visual Anime songs Compilation-, the album contains fourteen tracks by visual kei artists which have been used as anime theme songs. It features both older songs, such as GACKT's Lu:na and X JAPAN's FOREVER LOVE, as well as recent songs, such as Golden Bomber's Boku quest. For this album, the songs have been covered by different visual kei artists.

For example, the album includes SID's Monokuro no kiss, which was used in the series "Kuroshitsuji" and has been covered on the album by DaizyStripper, as well as Nightmare's song the WORLD, which was used for the series "DEATH NOTE" and covered on the album by GUILD.

A full list of the songs and artists, along with any upcoming news on the release, can be found on the album's official Facebook page.
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