indies - Disuelta (2009 - 2013)
The highly charged duo Puffyshoes was formed in Chiba, a port city near Tokyo, in May of 2009. The group consists of two girls who respond to the mild names of Usagi and Neko (Rabbit and Cat), two nice little animals often found in stories for children. Contrary to their endearing appearance, the rabbit and cat of Chiba are not, however, as well-behaved as you might think.

After recording some jingles on a rhythm box and broken down electronic toys, the two terrible young ladies finally got hold of a drum and guitar, instruments more capable of showing their savage instincts. A story of strawberry ice cream dripping on rudimentary riffs shot with fuzz cake, Puffyshoes's music is like a soft pastry filled with canon powder, ready to blow.
  • Cantante, Batería: Neko
  • Cantante, Guitarra: Usagi
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