major - Activo (1998 - )
The three-man shoegaze/post-rock band sleepy.ab, despite having been around for roughly 14 years now and releasing eight albums (excluding three live albums and four singles), are still not as famous as one would expect them to be.

Their music is quiet and melodic, described by the band members as "melodies of transparency and floating aimlessly." The suffix "ab" in their name (not pronounced when saying the band’s name) is an abbreviation for "abstract", which refers to the vague, fuzzy world we supposedly live in. They try to maintain and evoke this feeling through the lyrics of their songs.

What makes sleepy.ab stand out against other bands is the combination of Tsuyoshi’s soft, delicate voice and Kensuke’s phantasmagoric style of playing the guitar, while Hideyuki's bass and Tsuha's drums provide a strong foundation.
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