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Interview with BRATS

31/01/2020 2020-01-31 01:00:00 JaME Author: Christine, Ashki, ChrisN

Interview with BRATS

BRATS discuss their US performance debut, their upcoming digital releases and more after their appearance at "Anime Los Angeles".

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It's still early in the year, but girls rock band BRATS have already started 2020 off strong. They just made their American debut at Anime Los Angeles, a four-day convention that was held in Ontario, California from January 9th to 12th. In addition, the band recently announced that they plan to release one digital single each month through July, giving fans a total of seven new tracks to enjoy. The first of these singles, Excuser, just hit digital stores and streaming platforms on January 10th, the same day BRATS performed on American soil for the first time.

Shortly after the convention, JaME was able to get vocalist Rei, bassist Aya and guitarist Hinako's thoughts about the show in America, their upcoming releases, factors that are helping to shape their sound, and BRATS' plans for the future.

How was your U.S. debut at Anime Los Angeles? Do any moments from the concert or convention stand out in your memory?

Aya: The moment when we all jumped together for Ms. Downer, and when I went to the front for my bass solo, everyone raised their hands for me.

Rei: When we played Excuser, even though they didn’t know the song, everyone looked like they were having fun. And everyone came out of their seats to come forward when we played Ms. Downer as an encore. That really hyped us up.

Have you had a chance to visit any interesting places around California during your trip?

Rei: We got to explore a little. Everything has been interesting, and it gave me a feeling of freedom that I’m going to take back with me. I realized it’s OK to be free, to not be restrained at all, and when I looked at the American people around us, I realized that my definition of “freedom” wasn’t free enough.

What can you tell us about your latest digital single Excuser?

Hinako: Excuser has a really fast tempo. The intro brings together the aggressive sound of my guitar and Aya’s bass. The lyrics reflect Rei’s dark view, and it’s the view of BRATS, too. We don’t think BRATS is a shiny “kira kira” type of band.

Can you give us any hints about what your next six digital releases will sound like?

Rei: I can’t say too much about what’s coming up. But what I can say is, we’ve never had a ballad song, and we never will. Our core sound will always be hard rock.

How has working with producer Yuji Morimoto helped to define your new, harder sound?

Aya: He’s nice…! (laughs) When we’re in rehearsal or in the studio, everyone says whatever comes to mind, there’s no limit. It’s a good relationship. He never gets angry and gives us good direction and advice.

Hinako: I think we can keep growing up thanks to the direction of a solid producer. We need that guiding hand.

Rei: I don’t know if there’s a simple definition of “a good producer”. But I do know he respects us and respects our concept and what we want to do as a band. That’s really valuable to us.

If you had to pick just one song to explain what BRATS’ music is like to a new listener, which one would you choose and why?

Aya: All the songs from our first album, BRATS. I can’t pick just one.

You recently established a new record label called FAR EAST MONSTER RECORDS. Can you please tell us about your aims for the label and plans for the future?

Rei: We have seven singles coming out in seven months. That’s the future we’re looking at right now.

Hinako: As soon as we go back to Japan after Anime Los Angeles, we’ll go straight back to recording.

Aya: It’s going to be a hard schedule. Some of the new songs are really challenging to learn, and, there was one day when we recorded three songs in one day, so it’s really hard mentally. It’s exhausting, but then I feel relieved after that, and I’m ready to do the next one right away.

JaME would like to thank BRATS and Resonance Media for making this interview possible.

Fans can follow BRATS on FacebookTwitter and Instagram to get all the latest updates about their upcoming digital releases and any future overseas activities. Links to download or stream their music on various digital platforms are available here.

Watch a clip of BRATS performing Ms. Downer at Anime Los Angeles below:


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Interview with BRATS © BRATS. All rights reserved.

Interview Exclusive

Interview with BRATS

BRATS discuss their US performance debut, their upcoming digital releases and more after their appearance at "Anime Los Angeles".

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